Sometimes we so called smart humans, top of the food chain and so on, are just so freakin dumb!

I get so frustrated sometimes when I hear people having this disease or that and then instead of listening to their own body they listen to a GP what does that stand for “Get Prescription!” Big Pharma has got it all their way? Billions of dollars in creating and sustaining dis-ease! If they can’t make a profit they ban it!

What happened to the old days when it was known instinctively to eat unprocessed foods, not to inject poison into our body that totally change the whole sympathetic nervous system of your body thereby creating a system so totally out of whack, that of course the immune system would be compromised!

Wake up people! Don’t go and take that prescription drug that causes all sorts of ramifications onwards. THINK!!
Nature has everything you need! All you need do is eat fruit and veggies, meditate which has been proven to calm the nervous system, which in turn gives your body a high PH in alkalinity.
Simple stuff really…… eat plant based diet, don’t take pharmaceuticals, stay away from dairy that has been processed and wheat that is not what it once was. Don’t vaccinate!

The link below is my book that has loads of info on what steps to take to begin a body cleanse. There is an audio if you choose to listen instead and an interview with a good friend Kathy Hughes from

Discover how 10 little known tips to safely, yet effectively, detox to get that feeling of vitality again!”